What sets BarKeep 101 schools apart from other bartending schools?

We offer the most realistic training in Canada: All of our schools are built like real bars and you will spend most of your time behind the bar working on your drink recipes, speed, pouring accuracy, customer service skills and the ability to handle multiple drink orders. This in class, hands-on training will prepare you well enough that you will feel comfortable bartending behind any bar. 


Our Guarantee: We guarantee that you will feel comfortable and confident behind the bar by the end of our course. If for whatever reason, you still do not feel 100% comfortable, you can repeat all or part of the course, as many times as you want, at any location, for life. Completely free of any charge.


Reputation: BarKeep 101 (formerly Fine Art Bartending) has been in business since 1973. We have the most recognized certificate in the industry across the country. In fact managers and owners recognize our Bartending Certificate more than any other bartending school in Canada.



Who are your Instructors: Our instructors were once exactly where you are today. Trying to decide if they should attend a bartending school and which school to sign up with. Most of our instructors are graduates that have completed our course and found work in the industry. They have now come back to help share their knowledge with future bartenders. This not only validates that what we do works, but it also allows our instructors to relate to our students.